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 A Center of Warm Friendships, Loving Hearts, and Open Minds.  Transforming Humankind, One Heart, One Mind at a Time.

A Fresh Approach to God!



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All gifts and tithes to Unity Spiritual Center of North Idaho are tax-deductible.


4465 N. 15th

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

2 miles North of  I-90, just south of Dalton Ave.


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Phone: (208) 664-1125
Fax (208) 765-9345

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Sunday Services

You are welcome to join us each Sunday morning.




The Reverend Deidre Ashmore will normally lead the worship services.



Sundays for October


(Beginning 7 week Spirit Circles with book Seven Masters, One Path: Meditation Secrets from the Worlds Greatest Teachers by John Selby)  


October 26                        

- Rev. Deidre 

Heart Awakening with Jesus

Featured Musician:  Pamela Van Kirk



Sundays for November



November 2, 2014                  

Rev. Deidre

Emotional Healing” with Mohammed



November 9, 2014                  

Rev. Deidre

“Self-Remembering” with Gurdjieff



November 16, 2014                

Rev. Deidre

“Experiencing Bliss” with Krishnamurti



November 23, 2014                

 Rev Deidre

Filling Our Cornucopia”

Setting the tone for our Thanksgiving holiday we will fill our Cornucopia of Good with tangible symbols of love and gratitude.


November 30, 2014                

Rev. Deidre -

A Grateful Heart”  

Learn how you are creating a  morphic field of good that

is changing the world.



Sundays for December



December 7, 2014                  

Rev. Deidre

Bedecked, Bejeweled

We work from the inside out to call forth the shining light, the shimmering jewel that is within us all.


December 14, 2014                

 Rev. Deidre

“Tis the Season for Some PPG”

That would be - Peace, Power and Grace.


December 21, 2014                


Youth Sunday Christmas Pageant

with Unity Choir


December 28, 2014                

Rev. Deidre

“The Power of Faith”

You will be supported in being strong in the power of your faith and in your faith in the Power.