Donna Hodge, Ginny Taft, Tricia Dutoit, Donna Smith, Dennis Ashley, Tami Savage, Cheryl Kirby. Sid Goodwin was there as a guest and to make a proposal.   

President, Donna Hodge, called the meeting to order at 6:18. 

Reverend Dennis Ashley led us in an opening prayer. 

Agenda Items

I: Sid Goodwin gave his proposal on a “Potential Plan for Armed Intrusion.” 

  • The Board discussed Sid’s proposal.
  • Dennis moved that we form a team to look at our biggest threats: armed intrusion, fire, and health problems such as heart attack.
  • Donna Smith seconded, motion was passed

II. It was moved, seconded, and passed to accept the June minutes as sent out previously.

III. Finance Team Report

  • Expenses exceeded income again to the tune of $4733.  This shortfall will be made up for from the reserve accounts
  • The expenses were actually better than they have been, but the income is low possibly due to the summer.
  • There will be an announcement reminder on PRO.  As a part of that, there are coins in a basket that you can take to put into the love offering basket if you use PRO (so that you have something to put in the basket).
  • We will also promote the use of credit and debit cards.

IV.  Old Business

    A. Attendance and Moving to Two Service

  • Ginny suggests looking more often at attendance reports and making the 
    results known to the congregation.
  • Tami wants us to move to two services in September and make
    breakfast for people attending the first service.

    B. Merger Report

  • Donna H. reported that the recent revised By-Laws were given to the lawyer for her perusal.  She will get back to us with recommendations.  We have sent her a retaining fee of $1000.  

    C. Organizational Chart

  • Ginny reviewed her updating of the organizational chart.
  • We may have 2-3 Facebook accounts for the church. This needs to be reduced to one. 

    D. Holistic Fair—Cheryl Kirby

    What is our intent with this Holistic Fair?

    • To make a little money
    • To publicize ourselves to the larger spiritual community
    • To have a Holistic Fair for the spiritual people in the community
  • Vendors will not give us a percentage of their sales but will pay for a table/booth
  • This is our first one and we will learn from doing it.
  • One goal is to do this every year.
  • The vendors will provide their own tables.
  • The goal is to have 40-50 vendors, but as of 7-14-22 we have 7 confirmed. Having 7 confirmed six weeks ahead of time is very good. 
  • Some vendors will be inside, most will be outside
  • We need to have a Unity Booth
    • Some people needed to staff it
    • Some people needed to design what will be there on that Unity Table
  • Wants to have presenters in the sanctuary throughout the day
  • We need Port-a-Potties. Somewhere around $300 for 2 of them.
  • Would like to have music there.
  • Would be difficult for the church to pay them but they can put a hat out for donations.
  • Is going to check with the Drag Queens from Pride in the Park.
  • The Labyrinth is something we should have available but it’s in bad shape.
  • 50-50 Raffles; will have some. 

    What does Cheryl need from the board?

  • A booth
  • People to staff the booth

    E. Carpet replacement
Trish showed the samples she had found as possible colors to use.

  • Most of us voted for Breaker 17304
  • Trish will get a bid from Justin.
  • There is a big backlog on ordering carpeting
  • We can cut costs if we pull up the old carpeting ourselves. 

    F. Fire Extinguishers

  • We are currently in compliance with the Fire Codes, however one for every room would be ideal. If we purchase more, we should have classes to make sure sufficient people know how to use them.

V.  New Business

  • We are supposed to vote on new Board members in September but
  • Dennis suggests that we delay the voting of new Board members until January
  • If we do not hold the elections in September, we need to let congregants know.
  • Potential officers need to be vetted by the Governance Committee 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:25