Donna Smith. Trish Dutoit, Donna Hodge, Dennis Ashley, Ginny Taft, Cheryl Kirby Absent: Roye Ely  

Meeting called to order at 6:20 pm on August 23, 2022, by President Donna Hodge.   Minutes were approved from July.   

I. Finance

  • Finances are looking better due to the completed payment of the previous minister’s severance package.
  • We did have to pay the attorney some fees on the merger so that was an additional expense.
  • Expenses were $15,678.28 and the income was 14,014.48.   

II. Minister's Report

- Report available for viewing  

III. Old Business       

A. Carpeting and thrust stage

  1. Trish is to ask Nancy Green if her husband would be willing to build the thrust stage for us.
  2. Carpeting is likely to be based on first building the thrust stage.
  3. Ginny gave a report on books for sale at the Holistic Fair.
  4. Trish distributed bid on carpeting.            

B. Church merger

  1. We have paid the lawyer to do the letter of incorporation which goes to the Secretary of State and revise our Bylaws which the congregation will need to approve. This could be a month away
  2. We need to have our property and buildings evaluated
  3. We may need to push out election of new board until we are able to also have a vote on the Bylaws being prepared by the lawyer.            

C. Holistic Fair

  1. Port-a-Potty will cost $400
  2. Cheryl suggested we pay Jim Sullenberger for all the work he’s going to do for the Holistic Fair.
  3. Need water for volunteers
  4. The setup is at 8:00 am on Saturday.
  5. We want to make vendors feel very welcome.  

IV. New Business

A. Governance Committee

  1. Currently, Roye and Dennis make up the Governance Committee. Ideally, we need at least two members from the congregation. Jennifer James has offered to be on the committee
  2. The Governance Committee is charged with recruiting, vetting, and presenting potential Board candidates to the congregation.
  3. The Governance Committee is responsible for completing a revision of our policies and procedures.             

B. Safety Team

Sid Goodman has raised the necessity of having a well-defined plan in case of the possibility of an armed intruder in the church. committee has been established to address this issue plus put together an action plan in case of fire or a medical incident with a congregant.  Dennis will head up this committee and start action on it when he gets back from England in September.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 13, at 6:15 pm

Meeting adjourned at 7:55