Trish has been a member of our church community since 2006. In 2021 she agreed to be a board member. We are so grateful for her patient support and help during our recent merger. As a board member, she faithfully attended hours of meetings and zoom calls. One of her board responsibilities has been helping with grounds management. Thanks to her, we have someone keeping the grass mowed this summer!

Trish is also the one who reinvigorated our community garden. After two years of lying fallow, she single-handedly weeded and tilled the entire growing area to bring it back to its current lovely state. Thanks to her commitment and effort, we now have sixteen garden plots, fifteen of which are currently in use. Thanks to her creativity and woodworking skills, the garden has a beautiful new gate, sign, and decorative arches.

For those who enjoy purchasing fresh farm eggs on Sunday, you can thank Trish. She is the one who brings them in each week. 

Another way she gives of herself is by actively supporting the Parker Subaru Food Pantry and area homeless shelters. 

Trish is truly a valued and appreciated member of our community and we are so grateful for her generous spirit. If you see her, please take the time to say THANK YOU!