Prayer is not about changing God. To the contrary, it is about changing yourself. Fr. Rohr writes: “God’s totally positive and lasting way of removing your shortcomings is to fill up the hole with something much better, more luminous, and more satisfying. Then, your old shortcomings are not driven away, or pushed underground, as much as they are exposed and starved as the false program for happiness that they are.” In other words, in a similar way to used scaffolding, old behaviors fall away as unneeded and unhelpful because a new and better structure is being created.

October 31 is week four of our seven week Fall SpiritGroup Series based on the Book Breathing Under Water by Father Richard Rohr. This Sunday’s lesson focuses on how prayer transforms errors in thinking into positive and powerful attributes that can change your life for the good.

You can join us in person at 10AM or watch the service on our live stream feed.

Pamela Benton will be our soloist. LeeAnn Aerlyn-Moore, Gary Buettner, Jim Turner and Dagan Williamson will accompany her.