A healthy spirituality integrates two freedoms. First, it keeps your image of God free from being bound by your human-based rules. Second, it keeps you free from being bound by your human-based limitations. Moreover, these two spiritual freedoms interact with each other. Fr. Richard Rohr describes this interaction as being like two super magnets whose internal forces seek to grab and hold onto the another. It is both divine lovemaking and human ecstasy. Bill Wilson realized there is no real sobriety, nor long-lasting recovery without a “vital spiritual experience.” Until we experience our own grounded connection to the Whole, we remain unsettled and grouchy. When we feel held by a Larger Force, this love creates a deeper connection that absorbs any negativity toward ourselves and others. This is how you grow in awareness and deepen your understanding. In other words, it is the way you achieve Spiritual Growth.  

November 21 is week seven of our seven week Fall SpiritGroup Series based on the Book Breathing Under Water by Father Richard Rohr. This Sunday’s lesson focuses on growing in awareness and deepening your understanding of your Spiritual Nature.  

You can join us in person at 10AM or watch the service on our live stream feed.  

Rona Yellow Robe will be our soloist and song leader.