This Sunday is week three of Advent Season. The theme of week three is Love. It is a reminder that “We are one in God’s love.” It’s a view of unconditional love that defines Christ consciousness.

When Jesus asked Peter “Who do you say I am?”, Peter replied, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” For Peter, to say this was very risky for it went against his cultural norms. For he was equating Jesus with God the Creator. Yet what Peter understood is that Jesus was more than flesh and blood. He saw him as a Child of God. This insight required him to move beyond his human perspective and speak from a spiritual understanding. In other words, he learned to view life through spiritual eyes. In this way, he could see the Truth behind everything. By extension, Peter was saying that you also are an extension of the creator, a living example of God’s love.

Join Reverend Steve Towles this Sunday for a lesson about how a shift in consciousness frees you to experience the peace and beauty that surrounds you now and always.

You can join us in person at 10AM or watch the service on our live stream feed.

Kari Joys will be our musical guest. LeeAnn Aerlyn-Moore, Jim Turner, and Dagan Williamson will accompany her.