Connect with Us

In his book The Power of Kindness, psychotherapist and philosopher Piero Ferrucci says that we are going through "an Ice Age of the Heart." The cause of this willful separation is complex. It stems from many factors including our increasing reliance on technology as a means of communication and socialization. Unfortunately, our use of devices displaces opportunities for face-to-face interaction. Consequently, although we may feel connected, our physical separation makes it harder to really know each other. As a result, it weakens social bonds and makes it easier for us to feel indifferent toward each other. In other words, isolation erodes our sense of community. Ferrucci says “The sense of belonging is a basic need, like the need for food, water, or a roof over our heads. Even today, in our precarious and sometimes threatening world, where we are exposed to innumerable dangers, with sickness and old age lying in wait for us, we need the protection and security that only other human beings can offer.” In other words, we feel we belong when we know people, we love people, and are willing to contribute our uniqueness for a higher good.  

Join Reverend Steve Towles for a lesson on the importance of belonging to a community. 

Kari Joys will be our musical guest. LeeAnn Aerlyn-Moore, Jim Turner and Dagan Williamson will accompany her.