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In the Unity classic LESSONS IN TRUTH, American homeopathic physician and New Thought author Emily Cady said, “Every soul is by nature, or believes itself to be, in bondage to the flesh and to the things of the flesh. All suffering is the result of this belief.” This bondage to the flesh that Cady mentions extends beyond your physical addictions and proclivities. It also refers to your unconscious generational memories as well. Therefore, in addition to the effects of life’s daily pressures, at a soul level, you are also carrying the attitudes and beliefs of those who nurtured you. Yet, the key is that you possess the power to dampen the influence of these external pressures and remembrances. In other words, in every moment, you can choose to moderate their effect at the deepest level of your being. 

Join Reverend Steve Towles for a lesson on using Spiritual Truth to heal your genetic memory and define a transforming framework for living.

Melody Harrison will be our musical guest. Randy Clark and Dagan Williamson will accompany her.