This Sunday, we welcome Reverend David McClure as our guest speaker. He is an engaging speaker and has had a distinguished ministerial career serving congregations in San Francisco, Spokane, Hawaii, and Dallas.

Are you a people pleaser? In other words, do you feel compelled to put the needs of others ahead of your own? If so, then join Rev. David McClure for a Sunday message entitled BE GOOD BUT NOT THAT GOOD. His lesson is a reminder to you that before you can freely extend kindness to others, you must be capable of giving it to yourself. This is the true path of compassion. In other words, once you master self-kindness and self-respect, you will find that it becomes easy to be kind and respectful to others. 

Join Reverend David for a lesson on putting your needs first. Practicing self-awareness and acceptance makes it easier to extend kindness and acceptance to others.

Renei Yarrow will be our musical guest. Davis Hill, Jim Turner and Dagan Williamson will accompany her.