Reverend David McClure is back again this Sunday as our guest presenter. If you got the chance to see him last week, you know that he is an engaging and light-hearted speaker. 

His lesson this week is called The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing. 
See if you can guess where he is going with it. “Today you will remember not to major in minors. There's a trusty "get out of jail free" card that you can apply that works every time to free you from the non-essentials of life, so that you can dispense with preliminaries and get back to the main event.” 

Join Reverend McClure this Sunday for a light and uplifting message on the importance of maintaining your focus on what really matters. 

Julie Powell will be our musical guest. LeeAnn Aerlyn-Moore, Randy Clark and Dagan Williamson will accompany her.