Every day, you face moments of potential conflict where people knowingly or unknowingly cause you to suffer. When these moments arise, you are given the choice to impose retribution or offer forgiveness. In so choosing, you decide to surrender to misperception and error thinking or look for the good. It is easy to find examples of destructive, hurtful, and painful behavior in the world. Yet, despite all the fear-based evidence, your salvation comes from resisting the instinctive reaction to do harm in return. Rather, you are called to rise above misperception to see the world through the eyes of Love. This is empathy, the ability to share the feelings of another and see past their behavior. With empathy as your guide, you will recognize yourself in your perceived enemies and learn to respond to fearful behavior with forgiveness and compassion.  

Join Reverend Steve Towles for a lesson on experiencing the link between the practice of forgiving and the gift of living a life of kindness and empathy for yourself and others.

Melody Harrison will be our musical guest. Randy Clark and Dagan Williamson will accompany her.