Sacred Contracts are your spiritual agreements. They serve as the framework for guiding your experience here on earth. 

The primary contract is the one you make with the Spirit of God within you. This Divine agreement spells out your truest purpose and passion. It consists of the impulses and inclinations of your higher nature that direct you towards the fulfillment of your soul’s intention. 

The other type of spiritual contract is known as ‘Anam Cara’. Anam Cara is a Gaelic term. The literal English translation is soul friend. This spiritual concept describes the bonding of two souls who share a unique spiritual connection. We all have soul friends or soul mates. When you meet your soul friend, you will always recognize each other.

Join Spiritual Leader Dennis Ashley for a lesson about understanding the nature and purpose of Your Sacred Contracts.

Our ensemble features vocalist and pianist Gwen Gathercoal. Vocalists Patty Ashley and Laura Wineteer will be her backup singers. Musicians Paul Gathercoal and Ken Curtiss will accompany them.