In his allegorical novel The Alchemist, author Paulo Coehlo uses the story of a shepherd named Santiago to describe a circuitous journey we all make as spiritual beings having a human experience. In the story, Coehlo poses that there are two attributes you will need to cultivate on your spiritual journey. One is the patience to persevere until the right moment arrives. The other is the courage to accept and make the best of what you encounter. These attributes reveal themselves as life tests.  

This Sunday, Reverend Dennis Ashley explores these tests on a deeper level. He explains why you often lack the patience to wait on the Spirit of God. In other words, God doesn’t work on your schedule. Therefore, the ability to patiently persevere as your journey unfolds is key to pursuing your personal spiritual path. The journey also requires courage to expect the unexpected. Having rigid expectations and being unwilling to adapt and evolve are why you so often get disappointed by what you discover or experience. Wrestling with these challenges takes your spiritual journey to the center of your very being.  

So, join Reverend Dennis Ashley this Sunday for a lesson on the power and rewards of cultivating patience and courage, two tough tests on the spiritual road.

Our featured ensemble is S.O.U.L. They are Gwen Gathercoal, Patty Ashley, Cheryl Kirby, Laura Wineteer, Paul Gathercoal, Ken Curtiss, and Steve Croteau.