You can learn quite a bit about your spiritual journey by understanding the Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur. The literal translation for Yom Kippur is “Day of Atonement”. It is the day that practicing Jews ask forgiveness for the serious mistakes or transgressions they have committed in the past year. Yom Kippur is a reminder that everyone needs forgiveness. Forgiveness is the remedy for when you fall short of what your soul and spirit want you to be.  

Last Sunday, Reverend Dennis Ashley detailed how to forgive others. This Sunday, he will address asking forgiveness for yourself. Asking for forgiveness is critically important. Otherwise, if you avoid asking for forgiveness, you are holding yourself back from fulfilling your spiritual destiny. Without it, you cannot see who and what you truly are, or know your Divine Purpose. In other words, it is critical to ask for forgiveness--from others, from God, and from yourself. Forgiveness is taking the time to choose peace in your life. It is a process you can use to atone for your human level missteps and turn them over to God.  

Join Reverend Dennis Ashley this Sunday for a lesson on the transforming power of Asking for Forgiveness.     

Our featured ensemble is S.O.U.L. They are Gwen Gathercoal, Paul Gathercoal, Ken Curtiss, Patty Ashley, Cheryl Kirby, and Dagan Williamson.