There is nothing sacred about living a life of scarcity. Consequently, if you feel deprived in any way, then look around and see what you have attracted into your life. If you do not like what you see, then perhaps it is time to change your thinking and open your mind to receiving your good.

Opening your mind to receive is more than seeking financial gain. The fact is there are infinite ways to be prosperous in life. It starts by letting go of thoughts and behaviors that do not serve you and giving yourself permission to try something new. 

Your life purpose, in part, is to overcome a scarcity mindset. Moreover, the life path you travel, and its specific circumstances are meant to teach you to open your mind to receive. When you embrace this spiritual principle, you create the conditions for perfect goodness, positive relationships, stable finances, and so much more. 

Join Reverend Dennis Ashley this Sunday for a lesson on manifesting a new reality aligned with your perfect good through the thoughts you hold in consciousness. 

Our featured ensemble is S.O.U.L. They are Gwen Gathercoal, Paul Gathercoal, Jim Turner, Dagan Williamson, Patty Ashley, and Laura Wineteer.