In 1997, Don Miguel Ruiz authored the book, The Four Agreements. It was a compilation of spiritual principles, handed down from the ancient Toltec civilization of southern Mexico. Then in 2009, he and his son wrote a follow-up volume called The Fifth Agreement. Together these books outline five straightforward agreements you make with yourself on your pathway to enlightenment. These agreements are designed to break you away from your self-imposed prisons and set you on the road to personal freedom and integrity. Integrating and mastering these accords is key to achieving greater spiritual autonomy.

Join Reverend Dennis Ashley this Sunday for a lesson about the five agreements, and how they align with sacred texts from various world religions.

You can join us in person or watch the service on our live stream feed.

Our music ensemble features the Unity Choir Singers directed by Julie Croteau. They will be accompanied by LeeAnn Aerlyn-Moore, Jim Turner, and Dagan Williamson.