The word satsang is a Sanskrit term that consists of two root words. ‘Sat’ which represents the Absolute Truth or God and ‘Sang’ which refers to a company of seekers. Together, they combine to create satsang, “a sacred gathering for experiencing the presence of God.”

When you join with us online or in person each Sunday, you are engaged in creating an environment for seeking the Truth. We gather each week to discover how the world works and our role within it. It is a search that takes a lifetime. 

By learning together, we make the process easier. By gathering to seek spiritual truths, we learn from our interactions with each other. Together, we ask questions. Together, we react to personalities and behaviors. In this way, we follow the path to the Absolute Truth together. 

This Sunday, Reverend Dennis Ashley explains how this search of a lifetime leads us to progressively deeper levels of understanding. As always, there are surprises along the way that make the learning adventure amazing.

Our featured ensemble is S.O.U.L. They are Gwen Gathercoal, Paul Gathercoal, Patty Ashley, Laura Wineteer, Gary Buettner, and Dagan Williamson.