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We are a thriving spiritual community, inspiring and empowering individual and global transformation.

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Centered in Spirit, we celebrate a world of love, peace, and abundance for all.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015 

“An Open Mind and an Open Heart – Part II”

Picking up where we concluded last week, we open our minds and our hearts to three additional mental senses that connect us with God, the Source of higher and even higher possibilities.

I hope you’ll be with us this Sunday as my son Kevin Colton will be with us sharing his message of love through his singing and guitar playing. Kevin is worship leader at his church, Calvary Chapel in Nipomo, CA. He’ll be joining our music team with Gwen Gathercoal on piano, Gary Edwards on bass and Nate Parker on drums.
My lesson is a continuation of last Sunday where I shared the first three of our six mental faculties which are imagination, will, and intuition. This Sunday we’ll delve into perception, memory and reason.
In Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, the Queen says to Alice:
“So tell me what you did tomorrow?”
Alice laughs and says:
“I can’t tell you what I did tomorrow. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet!”
And the queen, rather pityingly, said,
“Well it’s a poor memory that only works one way.”
If you’re with us this Sunday, we’ll learn how we can have our memory work both ways — in past AND the future — just as the Queen suggests.
May these sunny cold crisp days remind you that Spring is coming and that you let the light within you warm your soul.


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