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We are a thriving spiritual community, inspiring and empowering individual and global transformation.

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Centered in Spirit, we celebrate a world of love, peace, and abundance for all.

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Sunday, November 2nd


Rev. Deidre

Emotional Healing” with Mohammed


Featured Musician:  Gwen Gathercoal


This Sunday our meditation focus is that if Mohammed and Islam.  The Arabic term Islam translates as “surrender to the will of God.”  Holding God in one’s mind, and being open in full surrender to respond to God’s will and guidance, is meditation in the Islamic tradition.

Mohammed said over and over in the Koran that when you point your attention toward God, God comes to you—a God who is all-loving as well as all-powerful and all-wise.

This is exactly what affirmations do, or chants do, or repeating a word that assists us in connecting to our Source - God - Allah - Jesus - Buddha - Father - Mother - Creator - Infinite Mind - Holy One - over and over to take our minds off worry and point our attention toward God.

The affirmation that we will be using this week is “My heart is open to receive God’s healing love” found in Chapter 5 of John Selby’s book Seven Masters—One Path; Meditation Secrets from the World’s Greatest Teachers.   We will explore emotional healing by meditating on divine love. 

I believe emotional healing is where all healing takes place first because it is a thought combined with feeling which then manifests in the physical. 

I look forward to sharing about Islam and I know together we are going to discover the power of surrendering to the will of God.  I’ve always heard that Islam is a religion of peace.  I believe we will find the universality of our Unity teachings, once again, for our God is a BIG God.

See you on Sunday.




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