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Unity's Mission

We are a thriving spiritual community, inspiring and empowering individual and global transformation.

Unity's Vision:

Centered in Spirit, we celebrate a world of love, peace, and abundance for all.

Sunday Service





Sunday, October 26th

- Kathleen McKevitt, LUT  

Heart Awakening with Jesus

Featured Musician:  Pamela Van Kirk



Let me share with you the first paragraph from Chapter 4 of John Selby’s book Seven Masters: One Path - Meditation Secrets from the World’s Greatest Teachers, which we are currently studying. This chapter is about awakening the heart through the meditation practice of Jesus:

This critical chapter lies directly in the middle of our seven meditations because,

in many ways, we have arrived at the heart of our meditation program. Not only

Jesus but Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Patanjali before him and Mohammed, Gurdjieff,

and Krishnamurti after him, all considered the heart and its primal capacity to

receive and share universal unconditional love and wisdom to be the epicenter

of spiritual life.

The epicenter of spiritual life! I love that! It is so descriptive of the emphasis and importance that the universal teachings of Jesus are.

You’ll have the delight and pleasure to hear Kathleen McKevitt, Licensed Unity Teacher this Sunday as she shares her long-time commitment to her connection and experience of Christ Consciousness. Kathleen is visiting us from Twin Falls, Idaho where she is starting a Unity study group.

Following the service she’ll facilitate a workshop from 1 to 3 p.m. titled, The Place of Bliss and Chill: Knowing and Understanding learning how to remain heart centered and what Jesus taught about wakening to the presence of love. For more details see article below. For those of you in spirit circles and/or following along with our Sunday series, you’ll want to participate in this workshop.

Our music line up features Pamela Van Kirk singing, her son Dagan on drums, LeeAnn on piano and Gary Edwards on bass. Come and awaken your heart to the presence and power of unconditional love.

In Spirit of Christ Love,



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